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FDR Don Tolman Farmacists Desk Reference Natural Health Books NZ
  • FDR Farmacist Desk reference Vol 1&2
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    A wealth of natural health and self care knowledge & information - Heirloom quality

    Contents: COWBOY DON TOLMAN'S 6 KILO'S TWO VOLUME FARMACIST DESK REFERENCE SET IS THE GREATEST COMPENDIUM OF "USEFUL, PURPOSEFUL AND APPLICABLE INFORMATION" I HAVE EVER SEEN, EVER, IN MY LIFE TIME.-Murrietta Dubris Director and Curator of Collections National Europe. You wont information like this anywhere else!
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  • FDR Volume 3 Don Tolman
    1st side: Summary 7 body systems, foods for body system, and Epi-cures
    Side 2: Pharmaceuticals, pills, capsules, and their effects.

    Contents: Two sided soft cover book with a summary of the 7 body systems and their signature ("Signs of Nature") foods with the other side explaining pharmaceuticals and their damaging effects. 2 sided illustrated soft cover book.