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Don Tolman's Products

Don Tolman is a world renowned natural health guru with a depth of natural health knowledge second to none. Don ensures the source for his ingredients and natural health products and remedies meets his strict criteria to ensure our on-going health and well-being.
  • PULSE: Natural Nutrition Raw Organic Food Snack Food Super Food JUICE POWDERS: Organic Cabala, Organic Carrot, Organic Apple - Light freq. dried organic juice powders RA SEA SALT: Dendritic Salt w. nutritional gold BENTONITE CLAY: Developmental Clarity for natural detox SPA DEUS: Colonics Colon cleanse kit
  • FDR Don Tolman Farmacists Desk Reference Natural Health Books NZ
  • DIVINE: Skin Body butter - LIP SILK: Natural lip balm - RENEW: Salt and oil scrub - TOOTH FAIRY: Natural tooth paste for healthy teeth - EYE OF HORUS: natural saline eye drops
  • Don Tolman's natural remedies BREATHE EZ - Natural nasal spray CONGEST EASE: Natural chest vapour rub GOLDEN RELEAF: Natural pain relief, sore joints, aches/pains, sinus, allergies, asthma, bug repellent, coughs, motion sickness, no dose HEALING CHRYSUM: Natural nerve pain cream, muscle aches, joint pain, minor burns JOULE OF THOR: Nerve tonic, brain tonic, pain reliever, sparks up cell function
  • LOLLIPOPS - Natural lollipops GLEE GUM - Natural bubble (chewing) gum